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Original author(s)Ilia Alshanetsky
Developer(s)Community (Advanced Internet Designs Inc.)
Initial release2001; 22 years ago (2001)
Stable release
3.1.3[1] Edit this on Wikidata / 2023-04-23; 7 months ago
Written inPHP
Operating systemAny
Available inMultilingual (English and 50+ other languages)
TypeForum software
Mailing list archiver
LicenseGPL v2

FUDforum is a free and open-source Internet forum software, originally produced by Advanced Internet Designs Inc., that is now maintained by the user community. The name "FUDforum" is an abbreviation of Fast Uncompromising Discussion forum.[2] It is comparable to other forum software. FUDforum is customizable and has a large feature set relative to other forum packages.[3]

FUDforum runs on a number of operating systems that are able to support the PHP programming language, including Unix, Linux and Windows systems. The interface is based on HTML5 with CSS, jQuery and AJAX.[4]

The code is released under the GNU General Public License and Internet sites can use the software royalty-free.


FUDforum was originally developed by Ilia Alshanetsky. The first version of FUDforum was released in 2001. Versions 2.8.0 and above are developed and supported by the community.

The 10 year anniversary release, FUDforum 3.0.3, was released on 10 September 2011.


The FUDforum installation wizard

FUDforum requires the following components to function:

Preconfigured versions[edit]

Two special pre-configured versions of FUDforum are available (doesn't require manual installation):


Some of FUDforum's features include:


FUDforum's Admin Control Panel.

A MediaWiki extension and Drupal CMS module is available to provide FUDforum integration. FUDforum can also be integrated with systems like DokuWiki and eGroupWare (not with eGroupware version 1.6).

Custom integration of third-party tools can be achieved via FUDforum's provided API, called FUDAPI.

Conversion scripts[edit]

Several conversion scripts are provided to convert other bulletin board and forum software to FUDforum. They include:

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