Fuse Services Framework

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Fuse Services Framework
Developer(s) Red Hat
Stable release
Written in Java
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Web services, SOA
License based on Apache License 2.0
Website https://www.jboss.org/products/fuse.html

Fuse Services Framework is an open source SOAP and REST web services platform based on Apache CXF for use in enterprise IT organizations. It is productized and supported by the Fuse group at FuseSource Corp. Fuse Services Framework service-enables new and existing systems for use in enterprise SOA infrastructure.

Fuse Services Framework is a pluggable, small-footprint engine that creates high performance, secure and robust services in minutes using front-end programming APIs like JAX-WS and JAX-RS. It supports multiple transports and bindings and is extensible so developers can add bindings for additional message formats so all systems can work together without having to communicate through a centralized server.

Fuse Services Framework is now a part of Red Hat JBoss Fuse.

Fabric8 is a free Apache 2.0 Licensed upstream community for the JBoss Fuse product from Red Hat.

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