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Screenshot of FVWM95
Developer(s) Luis Hector Peraza Gonzalez
Stable release
2.0.43f / May 3, 2003
Type Window manager
License GNU General Public License
Website fvwm95.sourceforge.net

FVWM95 is a window manager for the X Window System based on the popular FVWM 2 window manager. It is similar to the original FVWM, but is designed to closely resemble the look of Windows 95.

FVWM95 was for a while a rather popular window manager; for example, Red Hat Linux 5.0 used it as the default. It is no longer as popular (nor is it well-maintained), but still in use. FVWM98 is a derivative of FVWM95 that is newer, and designed to look like Windows 98 instead of Windows 95.

Similar window managers include QVWM, IceWM and JWM.


  • Windows 95-like appearance.
  • Taskbar for quick window switching.
  • Virtual desktop support.
  • Most features from FVWM 2 (may not include absolute latest bleeding-edge capabilities).

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