F 11 Nyköping

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Kungliga Södermanlands Flygflottilj
HMS Södermanland vapen.svg
Active 1941–1980
Garrison/HQ Nyköping
Wing commanders

B Schyberg (1941–1945)
A Henricson (1945–1949)
Greger Falk (1949–1951)
H Nordström (1951–1959)
Nils Personne (1959–1961)
B-G Lundgren (1961–1962)

C-E Abramson (1962–1966)
Aircraft flown
Reconnaissance B 3, J 9, S 16, S 18, J 28, S 29, S 31, S 32, S 35

F 11 Nyköping, Södermanlands Flygflottilj, Södermanland Air Force Wing, or simply "F 11", is a former Swedish Air Force wing with the main base located in south-east Sweden.

History of the airbase[edit]

The wing was set up outside Nyköping in 1940 as a long range reconnaissance wing with two squadrons of S 16B. After the war, the aircraft were replaced with J 9 from F 8 Barkarby and an additional squadron of B 3 from F 1 Hässlö.

In 1946, two additional squadrons of S 18 were added.

In 1948, F 11 became the sole Swedish operator of three squadrons of S 31 when the B 3 and J 9 became obsolete.

In 1953, J 28 jet fighters were used for one year to train pilots for the introduction of the S 29 in 1954.

The S 18 squadrons were replaced by the S 32 in 1958 and the S 29s by J 35s in 1964. These four squadrons served until the decommissioning of the wing in 1980.

Current use[edit]

The airfield was used as a cargo airport from 1984 and from 1997 serves as Stockholm-Skavsta Airport (IATA: NYOICAO: ESKN) for international flights.

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Coordinates: 58°47′05″N 16°56′13″E / 58.7847°N 16.9369°E / 58.7847; 16.9369