F 12 Kalmar

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Kungliga Kalmar Flygflottilj
HMS Kalmar vapen.svg
Active 1942-1980
Garrison/HQ Kalmar
Wing commanders

R Carlgren (1942-1954)
T Stålhandske (1954-1966)
Gunnar Rissler (1966-1970)
C-G Simmons (1970-1972)

Fritz Crona (1972-1980)
Aircraft flown
Bomber B 17
Fighter J 21, J 29, J 32, J 35

F 12 Kalmar, Kalmar Flygflottilj, Kalmar Air Force Wing, or simply "F 12", is a former Swedish Air Force wing with the main base located on the south-east coast of Sweden.

History of the airbase[edit]

The wing started out with three squadrons of B 17C in 1942.

In 1947, F 12 was converted to a fighter wing by replacing the light bombers with the J 21A-2 which were upgraded to -3 before they were obsolete.

Through 1952 to 1953, the three wings replaced the J 21's with J 29As which were only kept for five years until they were replaced by the J 32B Lansen in 1958. However, one of the squadrons were decommissioned after only two years.

In 1962, the Air Force Meteorology School moved to F 12 Kalmar from F 2 Hägernäs.

The two squadrons were upgraded to J 35F in 1968 which were kept until the decommissioning of the wing in 1980.

The base with the meteorology school continued to operate under the F 17K name as a detachment to F 17 Kallinge until 1983 when the school moved to F 5 Ljungbyhed.

Current use[edit]

The airfield has been used for general and commercial aviation as Kalmar Airport (IATA: KLR, ICAO: ESMQ) since 1980.


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Coordinates: 56°40′34″N 16°17′09″E / 56.6761°N 16.2858°E / 56.6761; 16.2858