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Product type Confectionery
Owner Nestlé
Introduced 1967
Markets Confectionery
Previous owners J. Lyons and Co.
Website www.myfabland.com

The brand Fab is an ice lolly on a stick in the United Kingdom, introduced by J. Lyons & Co. Ltd. who launched the product in 1967.[1]

The lolly consists of strawberry fruit ice and vanilla ice with the top portion dipped in chocolate and coated with sugar confectionery. In the modern era, their popularity has dropped and been replaced by lollies such as the Twister and various ice snacks based on cartoon characters, however Nestlé still continue production of the iced snack into the 21st century, both as a single item and as part of a multipack.

The description on the packaging reads "Real Strawberry and vanilla flavour ice lolly with chocolate flavour coating (5%) and sugar strands (5%)".

The fab lolly, Fruit And Berries, has changed from a jelly type centre many years ago, to strawberry ice used now. An Orange variety has also been manufactured as has a limited edition lemon flavour, [2] a limited edition apple and blackcurrant flavour (in 2010), and a limited edition Tropical flavour in 2015.

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