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Developer(s) Mindbreeze GmbH
Stable release 2013 Spring Release [1]
Operating system BSD, Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows
Type Enterprise Search, Information Access, Digital Cognition
License Commercial, test version available for download
Website http://www.mindbreeze.com

Mindbreeze is a range of software for Enterprise Search, Information Access and Digital Cognition. The flagship product of the range is Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise (formerly Mindbreeze Enterprise Search). The products are developed by Mindbreeze GmbH, a subsidiary of the Fabasoft Group headquartered in Linz, Upper Austria.[2] [3]


The name "Mindbreeze" is derived from the terms "mind" and "breeze".[4]

The first two Mindbreeze products, Mindbreeze Desktop Search and Mindbreeze Enterprise Search (today Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise), were launched simultaneously in 2005. The software was developed with the objective of finding relevant information from all corporate applications and external data sources quickly (Enterprise Search).[5][6]

In 2005 the product was able to search across:

From the start the products have been available under Linux and Microsoft Windows. In 2006 Mindbreeze started a partner program for developers. With the Software Development Kit it became possible to use Mindbreeze technology in third-party products and to connect a third-party product to Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise. At the beginning of 2006, Version 2.1 featured a Web Client in addition to the Windows Client. This replaced the Windows Client completely in 2008. In the following years the emphasis was placed on usability, maximum scalability and content comprehension and analysis. The connectors developed by Mindbreeze (for connection to data sources) have been developed and expanded continuously since 2005. Additional products like Mindbreeze InSpire and Fabasoft Mindbreeze Mobile were created.[7][8] From version "2010 Winter Release" (5.0) onwards, Mindbreeze Enterprise Search has been renamed Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise as part of the Fabasoft umbrella brand strategy.

Special Features[edit]

In-house development[edit]

Fabasoft Mindbreeze is an in-house development of Mindbreeze GmbH.

Search-based Application (SBA)[edit]

Mindbreeze InApp gives independent software manufacturers and system integrators the possibility to create search-based applications based on the Fabasoft Mindbreeze product range and Mindbreeze technology.

Fabasoft Mindbreeze Mobile[edit]

Fabasoft Mindbreeze Mobile builds upon Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise to facilitate mobile access to data spread out across the company with a smartphone. The input field on the smartphone can be used to search through the connected corporate data sources. Searches in Wikipedia and Google are, amongst others, also supported. The preview function, which is format independent, makes it possible to retain and read information from all connected data sources on smartphones at any time.[9]

Mindbreeze InSite[edit]

Mindbreeze InSite is a secure and semantic search for websites (Secure Site Search). The product is web-based and therefore does not require installation. A code is simply integrated into the website. The search service is made available via a server in the Fabasoft data centers. Search results where the search term appears are displayed complete with thumbnails of the page. Semantic correlations and meta data are automatically extracted, so that dynamic facets can be supported in the search navigation. The recently added feature "Information Pairing" makes it possible to individually piece together collected information (i.e. Facebook comments, blog posts, images, ...) to display it wherever you like, however you like. Mindbreeze InSite became a real revelation in website search and is associated with the slogan “Illuminating Information”.[10]

Fabasoft Mindbreeze Solutions[edit]

  • Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise (formerly Mindbreeze Enterprise Search) [11]
  • Fabasoft Mindbreeze Mobile
  • Mindbreeze InApp
  • Mindbreeze InSpire (formerly Fabasoft Mindbreeze Appliance)
  • Mindbreeze Connectoren (e.g. IBM Lotus Connector, Novell GroupWise Connector, Data Integration Connector, Symantec Enterprise Vault Federator)
  • Mindbreeze InSite (semantic website search)

Fields of use[edit]


Fabasoft Mindbreeze Mobile was nominated for the INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT (IT Innovation Award) in the category "Mobile", awarded by the Initiative Mittelstand (D) (midrange initiative) in 2010.[12]
In 2008 Mindbreeze Enterprise Search and, in 2009, Mindbreeze Search Appliance received the award "Trend-Setting Products of The Year" from the US magazine KMWorld.[13][14]
In 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012, Mindbreeze GmbH was selected by the US magazine KMWorld as one of the "100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management".[15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20]
Gartner Inc. admitted Mindbreeze GmbH with the Mindbreeze solutions 2008 and 2009 into the "Magic Quadrant for Information Access" as a niche player.[21] [22]
In 2011 Mindbreeze InSpire was awarded as Trend-Setting Product 2011 by KMWorld [23]
In 2012 Mindbreeze receives the KMWorld Award "Trend-Setting Product 2012" for Mindbreeze InSite. The “Trend-Setting Products 2012” were selected from more than 700 entries. [10]


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