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Fabasoft app.ducx
Developer(s) Fabasoft
Stable release
2012 Fall Release
Operating system Cross-platform: Linux, Windows
Available in English
Type Software development
License Commercial Software; free version is available for download.
Website www.appducx.com

Fabasoft app.ducx is an agile, use case-oriented development platform for composite business applications based on Fabasoft Folio, Fabasoft Folio Cloud and Fabasoft eGov-Suite. With high-performance and domain-specific languages (DSL), app.ducx is specially designed for fast and cost efficient development of document-centered business applications and Cloud Apps.

Modeling Language[edit]

Developing use case-oriented software solutions requires managing different aspects and elements such as data structures, user interface design, the implementation of methods and business rules.

In order to account for this concept in an optimal manner, Fabasoft app.ducx consists of several declarative modeling languages, each designed for covering a particular aspect of solution development. For example, Fabasoft app.ducx includes a modeling language that has been designed explicitly for the definition of an object model. In addition to this, Fabasoft app.ducx includes languages for defining resources, a user interface model, an implementation model, a process model, and an organizational structure model.

These modeling languages are referred to as domain-specific languages (DSLs), where each DSL was designed for addressing a certain aspect of use case-oriented software development. The modular concept makes Fabasoft app.ducx easily extensible as new DSLs can be added on demand for addressing additional aspects without affecting existing projects.

Currently, Fabasoft app.ducx comprises eight distinct DSLs:

Language File Extension
app.ducx Object Model Language .ducx-om
app.ducx Resource Language .ducx-rs
app.ducx Use Case Language .ducx-uc
app.ducx Business Process Language .ducx-bp
app.ducx User Interface Language .ducx-ui
app.ducx Organizational Structure Language .ducx-os
app.ducx Customization Language .ducx-cu
app.ducx Expression Language .ducx-xp

Fabasoft app.ducx Project[edit]

A Fabasoft app.ducx project consists of one or more source files, formally known as compilation units, and project files that are specific to the development environment used (Eclipse). The source code for an app.ducx project is typically stored in one or more text files with a file extension of .ducx-om, .ducx-rs, .ducx-uc, .ducx-ui, .ducx-os, .ducx-bp or .ducx-cu. Each source file must contain exactly one type of model. A model consists of a block that can contain import declarations and element definitions.

The following example illustrates the skeleton of a Fabasoft app.ducx object model source file that contains import declarations and some element definitions.

// Copyright information
objmodel DUCXSAMPLE@200.300
  import COOSYSTEM@1.1;
  class Product : BasicObject {
    string[] productdescription;
    currency unitprice;


Fabasoft app.ducx was originally developed by software manufacturer Fabasoft as an in-house solution for the development of Fabasoft Folio and Fabasoft eGov-Suite. This solution has been used under the name Fabasoft DUCXdev since 2007.

From 2010 app.ducx has been available to a broad market and can be used to develop apps for Fabasoft Folio Cloud.

Application Areas[edit]


Fabasoft app.ducx expands as plug-in the development environment Eclipse and is therefore platform independent.


Fabasoft app.ducx is available as commercial software. A freeware version for testing is available for download as Trial-VM. Moreover, Cloud App developers have free access to a VDE (Virtual Development Environment))[1] which includes the Fabasoft app.ducx plug-in.[2][3]

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