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Fabasoft app.test
Fabasoft app.test Logo.gif
Developer(s) Fabasoft
Stable release
2012 Fall Release
Operating system Ubuntu Linux, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows
Type Testing Tool, automated quality assurance of web applications
License Commercial, free version available for download
Website www.apptest.com

Fabasoft app.test is a test tool for the automated quality assurance of web applications in Microsoft Windows, Ubuntu Linux and Mac OS X.[1] In a matter of clicks, easy to understand tests can be carried out and recorded on your computer. The running of tests can also be fully automated in a continuous integration System. Fabasoft app.test integrates itself seamlessly by means of Apache Ant in Continuous Integration Systems such as Hudson/Jenkins, Bamboo and Command Line Player. The tool then acts as a user and operates the application via the interface.

The Pattern Approach[edit]

In the test, comprehensible patterns are used instead of XPath expressions. User interface tests should support software development and quality assurance. Furthermore, automated tests have to be stable against changes and be able to “grow” with an application. It has to be avoided that a change in CSS class means a subsequent adjustment of all tests. The pattern approach was chosen in order to achieve this.

With the pattern approach, graphical interfaces can be abstracted so that comprehensible elements are deduced from a complicated HTML structure. In this way, user interface tests become readable, comprehensible and maintainable. In patterns it is possible to describe how buttons, input fields and structures in the applications being tested need to be interpreted in order for them to be comprehensible. In the case of an error, the goal is to be able to establish, with a test report and a screenshot, why a test step failed.

The following example shows how a pattern for a „Logo“ on a website can be depicted. An XPath expression communicates to the test application how the elements on a page are to be interpreted. XPath is used here to define a pattern. The input „:click“ specifies that the Logo can be clicked on. With this information Fabasoft app.test is able to activate the “Point and Click Recorder” for this control. A click on the logo is recorded in the test as „Click <Logo>“.

:expression             .//DIV[@id="Header"]

#Logo                  (scope = Header)
:expression             .//A[@id="Logo"]

#Welcome                (parent = Header)
:expression             .//TABLE[@id="WelcomeRow"]
:label                  .//DIV[@id="WelcomeMsg"]/SPAN[@class="Greeting"]/text()

Through the notation used and the tool support in the form of Control Specification Designer, patterns can be generated by developers as well as by quality assurance employees. HTML changes therefore need to be checked in a central place, not in the tests. The tests can be carried out again immediately after the adaptation. This makes it possible to create use case tests which can be used for multiple versions of a software.


Fabasoft app.test was originally developed by software manufacturer Fabasoft as an in-house solution for the automated quality assurance of Fabasoft Folio and Fabasoft eGov-Suite. This solution has been used under the name Fabasoft DUCXtest since 2007. From November 2010 app.test has been available to a broad market and can be used by website developers, web designers und programmers. Fabasoft app.test primo is a free version – this includes the entire range of functions but does not support all browser versions of Mozilla Firefox. Automation in a CI System requires a premium version. In 2012 Webhosting Search listed the product in the category Social Software and Tools as one of the best web development tools.[2]

Application Areas[edit]

  • Web Testing[3]
  • Continuous Integration
  • Reporting

Fabasoft app.test extends the Eclipse development environment. The tool currently works in Microsoft Windows, Ubuntu Linux and Mac OS-X. However, the supported browsers in each case vary, for example Safari can currently only be used in Mac OS-X and Mozilla Firefox only in Microsoft Windows and Ubuntu Linux.


Fabasoft app.test primo is available as freeware. The app.test premium and app.test data center editions are available as commercial software.


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