Fabasoft eGov-Suite

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Fabasoft eGov-Suite
Fabasoft eGov-Suite .jpg
Developer(s) Fabasoft
Stable release
Available in German, English
License commercial
Website www.egov-suite.com

Fabasoft eGov-Suite is an application software product for document and records management for the public sector. For example, the software is used to implement eGovernment in the Federal Republic of Austria. [1] [2]

Development and Importance[edit]

Fabasoft eGov Suite was developed by Fabasoft in Linz, Austria. The software seamlessly captures files, records and documents throughout their entire life cycle (Document Lifecycle Management], up to transactional online-service. The solution is used in several European public administrations and has been certified repeatedly against regional standards. Irrespective of the platform, operation in both a Windows and an Open Source environment is possible. The Fabasoft eGov Suite Web Service is available on the basis of a service orientated architecture.


Public Administration[edit]

Fabasoft eGov-Suite is a leading product for electronic file and process management in the German-speaking countries. The product provides a general product specification which is supplemented by general or customer-specific requirements through partners in non-German speaking countries. Currently the product is used in Austria,[2] Germany, Switzerland,[3] Slovakia[4] Portugal, the UK and Russia.


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The software is available as commercial software.

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