Fabbri Group

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Fabbri Group
Industry Amusement ride manufacturing
Founded 1950
Founder Romolo Fabbri
Headquarters Bergantino, Italy and Arlington, Texas
Number of locations
5 factories, 2 sales offices
Key people
Romolo Fabbri, Licinio Fabbri
Products Roller coasters, thrill rides, family rides, gentle rides
Website http://www.fabbrigroup.com

The Fabbri Group (AKA Fabbri) is an Italian amusement rides manufacturer, based in Bergantino, a northern village of Italy.

Fabbri was founded in 1950, just after World War II, by Romolo Fabbri. He found a way to convert war surplus material into 'a new productive means that could give new joy and hope for the future'. Manufacturing also began in 1950 with Fabbri's first ride, the Avio (Aeroplane Ride) specifically designed for traveling shows in Italy.[1] In the 1970s Romolo's son, Licinio Fabbri, took over direction of the company, and expanded sales beyond Italy into the rest of the European continent. Fabbri expanded its sales once again in the 1980s to include the world market.[1] As demand for rides increased, Fabbri decided that instead of concentrating on one main facility, several affiliate companies would be formed, all located in nearby towns, each specialising in its own type of ride. In 1998 the multiple factories were brought together under the name the Fabbri Group.[1]

Fabbri Group offers a large range of rides from children's rides, to launch coasters. The Fabbri Group entered the coaster market in 1998 with the introduction of a Wacky-Worm type ride.[2] The Fabbri Group is most well known for manufacturing the Booster. Fabbri is also gaining attention from the rather intense Mega Drop which is a freefall attraction that shoots riders down instead of a true freefall, giving better g-forces than other larger freefall rides. The Mega Drop is currently the newest attraction at the Rose Festival City Fair, located in Portland, Oregon.

Notable ride types[edit]

New Crazy Dance

Fabbri's rides include:

(G-Force at Fantasy island in Skegness, UK is the only one)[citation needed]


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