Faber Birren

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Faber Birren
Born(1900-09-11)11 September 1900
Chicago, Illinois
Died30 December 1988(1988-12-30) (aged 88)
Stamford, Connecticut
OccupationColor theorist

Faber Birren (11 September 1900 – 30 December 1988) was an American writer and consultant on color and color theory.[1][2]


Faber Birren was born in Chicago, Illinois on 11 September 1900, the son of Joseph P. Birren, a landscape painter, and Crescentia (Lang) Birren, a pianist. He attended the Art Institute of Chicago while in high school and the University of Chicago for two years where he studied color theory.[2]

He began publishing articles on color in 1924; his first book, Color in Vision was published in 1928.[3]

In 1934 he established his own company and worked as an industrial color consultant, advising clients on the psychological effects of color on safety, employee morale, productivity and sales.[3] His recommendations included changing wall and interior colors to reduce visual fatigue, and using bright colors on machinery to reduce accidents.[3] DuPont, Monsanto, and General Electric were among his clients as well as the military.[1]

He also wrote extensively on color, writing forty books and over 250 articles on the subject.[2]

Birren died in Stamford, Connecticut on 30 December 1988 after a stroke.[1]


Birren married Wanda Martin and they had two daughters, Zoe and Fay.[1]


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In 1971, Birren donated nearly two hundred books about color, many of them rare, to the Yale University Library. He also established an endowment for color research.[2]


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