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Fabiano de Abreu Rodrigues is a Brazilian-Portuguese journalist, businessman, writer, philosopher, and artistic advisor. He is the owner of the communication and artistic agency MF Press Global, one of the largest press agencies in Brazil and Portugal [1]. He is also a respected correspondent and collaborator for several magazines, news websites, and newspapers of great national and international repercussion. He's a member of Mensa International High IQ society[2][3] and he's is also director of the International Coalition of the Immigrant (CIM)[4] and currently holds the prize as the best press officer in Brazil[5] and the journalist who created most artistic characters for the press in the history of the Brazilian press.[6]

In 2012, he founded the MF Models modeling agency, and then he started to work with fashion models for commercial catalogs and music clips. In 2013, his agency began to advise artists and managing their careers, and also elaborating their press releases. Since then, two years later, MF Press became a solid communication group. In 2016 MF Public Relations[7] was inaugurated in the United States, in New York City, and also in Santiago, Chile and in Lisbon, Portugal. Today MF Press Global is one of the most relevant press agencies in Brazil.

In 2016 he became director of international relations for the CIM – Coalisão Internacional do Imigrante – migratory NGO recognized by the Brazilian Federal Government.

Career and life[edit]

Fabiano de Abreu became a collaborator of many web portals[8] and newspapers: Live News Portugal, Live News Brazil, UOL,[9] R7,[10] and its affiliates from Record TV. He is also owner and / or partner in several magazines and newspapers in Brazil.

In 2016, he won a award[11] as a journalist and press officer who created more characters for the Brazilian press and, also in 2016, he also won the award for best press officer, a recognition of the National Films and TV Academy of his work and contribution for the Brazilian press[12].

His clients are singers, artists, fitness models and actors, who are well known by the Brazilian people, such as: the singers Latino, MC Koringa[13], the fitness model Fernanda D'avilla[14], Sue Lasmar, and the digital influencer Bella Falconi[15]. Most of his clients at his agency are celebrities in Brazil, with millions of followers on their social media and profiles, specially on Instagram. His agency is responsible for managing their appearances on the TV, such as public relations and image related issues, press releases, media and management, and also artistic advising. MF Press Global has more than 100 clients in Brazil and abroad.

His company now has subsidiaries and offices in the United States, Chile, Portugal[16] and Angola. Its associates are correspondents in Europe, Latin America and Africa[17], besides producing content and news for affiliate channels and networks, as Rede TV, Record TV and Rede Globo in Brazil.


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