Fabien Vehlmann

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Fabien Vehlmann
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Fabien Vehlmann (2015)
Born (1972-01-30) January 30, 1972 (age 47)

Fabien Vehlmann (born 30 January 1972) is a French comics writer best known for Green Manor and Seuls. Yvan Delporte dubbed him "The René Goscinny of the third millennium".[1]


Fabien Vehlmann, Quai des Bulles, Saint-Malo, 2010

Fabien Vehlmann, born in 1972 in Mont-de-Marsan,[2] grew up in the Landes and the Savoie. He studied in Nantes. He started writing comics in 1996, but only got to work for Spirou magazine the next year, where he provided very short stories for the weekly summary of the magazine. Soon, some stories of a few pages followed, with artwork by a number of different artists, including Eric Maltaite and René Follet.[2] His first recurring series was Green Manor with Denis Bodart. With Bruno Gazzotti he created Seuls.

In January 2009, it was announced in Spirou magazine #3694 that Jean-David Morvan and José-Luis Munuera would be succeeded as the creative team behind the series Spirou et Fantasio by Yoann and Vehlmann, who had together created the first volume of Une aventure de Spirou et Fantasio par.... Their first album in the regular series is announced for October 2009.[3]


Series Years Volumes Artist Editor
Green Manor 2001–2005 3 Denis Bodart Dupuis (English publisher: Cinebook Ltd)
Des lendemains sans nuage 2001 1 Bruno Gazzotti and Ralph Meyer Le Lombard
Samedi et Dimanche 2001 - 4 Gwen Dargaud
Le Marquis d'Anaon 2002 - 4 Matthieu Bonhomme Dargaud
La nuit de l'Inca 2003–2004 2 Frantz Duchazeau Dargaud
Ian 2003 - 4 Ralph Meyer Dargaud
Wondertown 2005 - 2 Benoît Feroumont Dupuis
Les cinq conteurs de Bagdad 2006 1 Frantz Duchazeau Dargaud
Seuls 2006 - 11 Bruno Gazzotti Dupuis
Une Aventure de... Spirou et Fantasio 2006 1 Yoann Dupuis
Sept psychopathes 2007 1 Sean Phillips Delcourt
Dieu qui pue, dieu qui pête 2008 1 Frantz Duchazeau Milan
Jolies Ténèbres (Beautiful Darkness) 2009 1 Kerascoët Drawn and Quarterly
Spirou et Fantasio 2010- 2 Yoann Dupuis
L'Île aux cent mille Morts 2011 1 Jason Glénat


  • 2002: Iris award at the Prix Saint-Michel for Le Marquis d'Anaon[4]
  • 2002: nominated for the Angoulême International Comics Festival Award for Best Scenario for Green Manor
  • 2002: nominated for the Angoulême International Comics Festival Award for First Comic Book for Samedi et Dimanche
  • 2005: nominated for the Angoulême International Comics Festival Award for Best Scenario for Le Marquis d'Anaon
  • 2006: nominated for Best comic (French language) at the Prix Saint-Michel for Seuls[5]
  • 2007: Prix des libraires BD, awarded by Canal BD, for Les cinq conteurs de Bagdad[6]
  • 2008: nominated for Best Youth Comic at the Prix Saint-Michel for Seuls 3[7]


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