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TKh49 (Ferrum 47)
Image-TKh 49-1 Chabowka 15.05.06 (1).jpg
TKh49-1 in Chabówka
Type and origin
Power type Steam
Builder Fablok
Build date 1948-1961
Total produced 477
 • Whyte 0-6-0T
 • AAR C
 • UIC C
Gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Driver dia. 1,150 mm (45.28 in)
Loco weight 34.8 tonnes (34.3 long tons; 38.4 short tons)
Fuel type coal
Fuel capacity 2.5 tonnes (2.5 long tons; 2.8 short tons)
Tender cap. 5 m3 (180 cu ft)
 • Firegrate area
1.7 m2 (18 sq ft)
Boiler pressure 13 bars (190 psi)
Heating surface:
 • Tubes
100 m2 (1,100 sq ft)
Cylinders Two, outside
Cylinder size 460 mm × 540 mm (18.11 in × 21.26 in)

The TKh49 also known as T3A or Ferrum 47 is a class of Polish steam industrial tank locomotive. It was built by Fablok.


The locomotive is based on a draft from the years 1927-1929; six locomotives of the factory designation T1A and T2A were built by Fablok. The technical documentation survived until after World War II and it was decided to develop it into a new class of locomotive, factory name Ferrum 47. 477 examples were delivered in the years 1948 - 1961 including to China, Romania and Hungary. The later designation were referred to as Ferrum 724. In China the locomotives were designated as XK 13 and several examples of the class were reported to be working in 1993, with at least three preserved thereafter.[1]

These locomotives worked exclusively in industry and were usually designated with TKh prefix, meaning 0-6-0T freight locomotives in PKP designation system, merged with factory numbers. Only in 1996 one locomotive was acquired by the Polish State Railways for its museal depot in Chabówka, and was formally designated as TKh49 PKP class, namely TKh49-1.[2]


A locomotive is preserved at the Museum of Vehicles and Railway Technology in Chabówka, whilst three more are in other museums. Several locomotives have been exported to the United Kingdom for use on heritage railways as detailed below.

Number Name Railway Livery Status Notes
2871 "" Churnet Valley Railway Green Awaiting Restoration Owned by "TKh Support Group". Arrived April 2014 from the Spa Valley Railway, after purchase by Members of the CVR MPD. Funds being acquired for eventual restoration.
2944 Hotspur Churnet Valley Railway Green Operational Owned by "TKh Support Group". Entered service June 2014 after 12-month restoration by members of MPD following purchase by Members of the MPD. Already done ~1500 miles since restoration!
3135 Spartan Swindon & Cricklade Railway Red Operational Bought by the S&CR in December 2014 from the Spa Valley Railway.
3138 Hutnik Appleby Frodingham Railway Red Awaiting Overhaul Purchased by the AFRPS in 1993, and brought back to Scunthorpe shortly afterwards. It was used for over 17 years on passenger trains, but in 2009 was found to be in need of boiler repairs.
4015 Karel Avon Valley Railway PKP Green Operational Imported to UK and moved to the Avon Valley Railway. Withdrawn in 2013, and sent to the Flour Mill in the Forest of Dean for overhaul. Returned to traffic September 2016.
5374 Vanguard Plym Valley Railway Black Under Restoration Arrived in UK in 1992, and entered service on Northampton & Lamport Railway. Sold in November 2016 to a new owner. Boiler requires overhaul with the aim of being back in steam by 2017.


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