Jon Phillips

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Jon Phillips
Jon phillips2.jpg
Born (1979-05-28) May 28, 1979 (age 35)
Effingham, Illinois
Other names rejon
Alma mater University of California,San Diego
Kansas City Art Institute
Known for Open Clip Art Library
Aiki Framework

Jon "rejon" Phillips is an open-source developer, artist, designer, writer, educator, lecturer, and curator with 12+ years of experience creating communities and working within computing culture. He is a founder and developer of Fabricatorz LLC which began its operations in 2008 and works for clients such as Google, Mozilla and Creative Commons. He is Community Director for the social network company Status.Net.[1][2]

Life and work[edit]

In 2002 he helped launch the open source drawing tool Inkscape. In 2004 he founded Openclipart and co-founded Open Font Library.[3] With Bassel Safadi he built Aiki Framework—which runs OCAL and OFLB—and co-founded an Aiki Lab company focused on building on top of Aiki Framework.[4][5] Taught Design and Technology at San Francisco Art Institute. He is co-founder of Qi hardware[6] (Copyleft Hardware) and work on video synthesizer Milkymist One.[7] With Isaac Mao and Christopher Adams he leads the Sharism project.

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