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Lego Fabuland
Lego Fabuland logo.png
Availability 1979–1989
Total sets 102
Characters Edward Elephant
Bonnie Bunny
Max Mouse
Mike Monkey
Paulette Poodle

Lego Fabuland was a theme and product range of the Lego construction toy, aimed at young children. Introduced in 1979, the range aimed to fill the gap between Duplo and the standard Lego product ranges. Aimed at both boys and girls, the range encouraged storytelling, and was the first theme to be extended into books, clothing, and a claymation TV series that aired in the UK and Canada during the 1980s as Edward and Friends. Each episode was five minutes in length.[1]


Fabuland sets featured anthropomorphic animal characters. These pieces were larger than standard Lego Minifigures, but smaller than Duplo figures, and included movable arms, legs and head. Some of the characters appeared in more than one set, and were given names, and sometimes even stories. Recurring characters included Edward Elephant, Bonnie Bunny, Max Mouse, Clive Crocodile, Walter Walrus, Lisa Lamb, Ricky Racoon, Freddy Fox, Bruno Bear, Bertie Bulldog, Mike Monkey, Gabriel Gorilla, Paulette Poodle, Harry Horse, Billy Bear, Catherine Cat, Sandy Seagull, Lionel Lion, Hannah Horse, Joe Crow and Marjorie Mouse.[2]


Fabuland had a distinctive friendly style with various animal characters that each had a job or purpose in the town of Fabuland. Fabuland featured special elements that were larger than standard Lego bricks, but were fully compatible with regular Lego. Fabuland used a primary colour scheme and the sets were aimed for children between 4-8 as a transition from Duplo to Lego. Fabuland was unique due to the special elements such as; walls, roof elements, tables, chairs, boats and cars chassis. Larger Sets included buildings with story book like instructions and the theme also had many vehicles and individual characters with accessories. Fabuland is highly sought after today among collectors and there is a large fan base that keeps the theme alive via Lego fan sites.

Fabuland was discontinued in 1989 and since then many elements have reappeared in many themes. In 2000, Lego released the Mickey Mouse theme that contained many Fabuland elements. Fabuland elements have appeared in Harry Potter, Belville, Castle/Kingdoms, Friends and Lego Games and others. The Fabuland line was referenced in the 2014 film The Lego Movie.


1979 Sets[edit]

  • 324 Ricky Raccoon on his Scooter
    • 2 pieces, 1 minifig
  • 325 Percy Pig with his Barrow
    • 3 pieces, 1 minifig
  • 329 Bernard Bear and his Delivery Lorry
    • 109 pieces, 1 minifig
  • 328 Michael Mouse and his New Car
    • 22 pieces, 1 minifig
  • 338 Blondi the Pig and Taxi Station
    • 37 pieces, 1 minifig
  • 341 Catherine Cat's House and Mortimer Mouse
    • 123 pieces, 2 minifig
  • 344 Service Station with Billy Goat and Mike Monkey
    • 80 pieces, 2 minifigs
  • 347 Hospital - Lucy Lamb and Charlie Cat Visit Dr. Dog
    • 205 pieces, 3 minifigs
  • 350 Town Hall
    • 122 pieces, 3 minifigs

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