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Face Off
FTC Face Off Logo.jpg
Season Information
Year 2008-2009
Number of Qualifying Tournaments 3[1]
Number of Championship Tournaments 38[1]
Championship location Georgia Dome, Atlanta
Inspire Award winner United States Einstein's Daughters - 32
Rockwell Collins Innovate Award winner United States Techno Guards - 2848
Motivate Award winner United States Project Pulse - 3365
Connect Award Winner United States Techno Chix - 18
PTC Design Award Winner United States Burnin' Rubber! - 2842
Champions United States Jr. Bomb Squad - 92
United States RoboRaiders - 679
Canada Alberta Longhorns - 2820[2]
Website http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/ftc

Face Off is the 2008-2009 competition event of FIRST Tech Challenge. Two teams compete to score points by placing pucks into designated areas.


The game field is a 12 foot square area[3] in which robots compete. In the center of the field is a pair of nested containers and a portion of the field surface into which pucks can be scored. Along each wall are two racks which dispense pucks, for a total of eight. In opposite corners are elevated platforms which tilt down to the field, one for each alliance, on which one robot starts. In the same corners is a square area of the field in which the other robots start. Adjacent to the on-field starting areas in a rough corrugated driving obstacle. In the other two corners are an area of rollers which reduce the robot's traction.[4]

Game rules[edit]

In each two-and-a-half-minute match, two-team alliances denoted "red" and "blue" compete against each other to earn points. The object of the game is to attain a higher score than the opposing alliance by removing colored hockey pucks from eight different racks around the field and placing them in various locations in the center scoring area.

In the Autonomous Period, pucks scored in the center scoring area will be totaled and each alliance will keep those points whether the pucks are descored (pucks will count once) or not (pucks will be scored a second time). There will also be bonus points awarded to alliances for knocking pucks down from their racks based on their location from the Staffing Location.

There are a total of 70 pucks (35 red and 35 blue) available as scoring objects in the game.[5]


  • A puck that is scored in the outer square of the center scoring area is worth one point for the corresponding alliance.
  • A puck that is scored in the middle circle of the center scoring area is worth three points for the corresponding alliance.
  • A puck that is scored in the inner triangle of the center scoring area is worth five points for the corresponding alliance.
  • A robot that is off the field at the end of a match is worth 10 points for the corresponding alliance.
  • Any pucks that are scored during the autonomous period will be counted at the end of the autonomous period. If those pucks stay in the Center Scoring Area throughout the rest of the match, the pucks will be scored a second time.
  • If a robot successfully clears the pucks off a near rack during the autonomous period, the corresponding alliance (based on color of the pucks) will score 5 points for each near rack cleared.
  • If the far rack is successfully cleared, the alliance corresponding to the color of the rack will score 10 points.[6]

World Championship Awards[edit]

  • Inspire Award - Einstein's Daughters 32 San Diego, CA[7]
  • Winning Alliance Leader - RoboRaiders 679 Sandy Springs, GA, USA
  • Winning Alliance Team - Jr. Bomb Squad 92 Mountain Home, AR, USA
  • Winning Alliance Team - Alberta Longhorns 2820 Calgary, Alberta

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