Face Off (video game)

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Face Off
Developer(s) Namco
Publisher(s) Namco
Platform(s) Arcade
  • JP: December 1988
Genre(s) Sports game
Mode(s) Up to 4 players simultaneously
Cabinet Upright
Arcade system Namco System 1
CPU 2x Motorola M6809 @ 2.048 MHz,
1x Motorola M6809 @ 1.536 MHz,
1x Hitachi HD63701 @ 1.536 MHz
Sound 1x Yamaha YM2151 @ 3.57958 MHz,
1x Namco CUS30 @ 96 kHz,
1x DAC
Display Horizontal orientation, Raster, 288 x 224 resolution

Face Off (フェイスオフ, Feisu Ofu) is a hockey arcade game that had been released by Namco in 1988 only in Japan; it runs on Namco System 1 hardware, and was the first game from the company to allow four players to play simultaneously on the same cabinet (Final Lap, which had been released in the previous year, allowed four players to play simultaneously, when two two-player cabinets were connected together). The game was later rereleased on the Wii Virtual Console on October 27, 2009.


This game features eight hockey teams from the Soviet Union, Canada, Sweden, the Czech Republic, the United States, Finland, France, and its home country of Japan; one (or two) player(s) can face four CPU-controlled teams in succession for the Tournament mode, and up to three or four players can face off against each other (two on each side) in the Versus mode. At the start of the game, the players can choose how many players their team has (three or five) - and in both modes, they will have to insert another coin at the end of each period to continue. This was also the first Namco game to feature Greek text; on the continuing screen, one of the players on the losing team says "ODCH" (ΟΔΧ) as the ten-second timer counts down for another coin.

Face Off was manufactured in the year of 1988.[1] Face Off is a type of video game. The genre of Face Off is a sports game.[2] It is considered to be a joint gameplay. The raster of this game is recorded to be a standard resolution. The game requires a joystick and button control.[3] Nintendo's Virtual Console Service offers a downloadable version of Face Off.[4]


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