Face the Fear

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Face The Fear
Studio album by In Strict Confidence
Released April 1998 (DE), August 1998 (US)
Genre electro-industrial
Label Metropolis Records (US)
In Strict Confidence chronology
Face The Fear
Angels Anger Overkill
(1998)Angels Anger Overkill1998

Face The Fear is In Strict Confidence's 2nd full-length album.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Empire"
  2. "Alles In Mir"
  3. "Prediction"
  4. "Industrial Love"
  5. "Hidden Thoughts"
  6. "Room 101"
  7. "Engel Mit Feuer Und Schwert"
  8. "I Don't Care"
  9. "Way of Redemption"
  10. "Ein Mensch, Eln Kämpfer Und Eln Schlächter"

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