Face to Face (2011 film)

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Face to Face
Face to Face (2011 film) poster.jpg
Directed by Michael Rymer
Produced by Leanne Hanley
Gabrielle Christopher
Michael Rymer
David Williamson
Screenplay by Michael Rymer
Story by David Williamson
Starring Vince Colosimo
Sigrid Thornton
Luke Ford
Matthew Newton
Music by Richard Gibbs
Cinematography Dennys Ilic
Edited by Sasha Dylan Bell
Distributed by Australian Film Syndicate
Umbrella Entertainment
Release date
  • 8 September 2011 (2011-09-08)
Running time
89 minutes
Country Australia
Language English

Face to Face (2011) is an independent Australian film directed by Michael Rymer, based on the play of the same name, written by Australian playwright David Williamson. The film stars Vince Colosimo, Sigrid Thornton, Luke Ford and Matthew Newton.


A young construction worker rams into the back of his boss's Jaguar in a fit of anger at being sacked. Rather than fronting court, he’s given the chance to explain his actions in a community conference. This face-to-face confrontation between the young man, his boss, his boss's wife, co-workers, best mate and mother lifts the lid not only on his dysfunctional life but on their workplace dirty laundry, turning all of their lives upside down.



Face to Face is the first commercially released feature film to be shot on Canon HDSLR digital still cameras by photographer/cinematographer Dennys Ilic. From February 2011 to September 2011 Face to Face has won 40 international Film festival awards including the Michael Moore Traverse City Film Festival.The movie also won the award of Best Dramatic feature at the 2012 Byron Bay International Film Festival.

Of Face to Face, filmmaker Michael Moore (Fahrenheit 9/11, Bowling for Columbine), said, "This is one of those rare films which grabs hold of you at the beginning and doesn't let go till the end. It is an amazing piece of cinema - riveting, thought-provoking, transformative. Only once or twice a year do I see such a film - and this year that film is Face to Face. Not only should every person in Michigan see this film - but every person in America should see this film."

Home Media[edit]

Face to Face was released on DVD by Umbrella Entertainment in May 2012.[1]


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