Facedown Records

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Facedown Records
Founded1997 (1997)
FounderJason Dunn
GenreChristian hardcore, Christian metal, Christian rock
Country of originUnited States
LocationFallbrook, California
Official websitefacedownrecords.com

Facedown Records is a Christian rock record label based in Fallbrook, California, that is devoted to hardcore punk and metalcore bands (Christian and secular) with a few death metal acts such as Immortal Souls and Indwelling. Founded by No Innocent Victim drummer Jason Dunn[1] in 1997,[2][3] the label started small with a number of 7" record releases by Overcome, Dodgin Bullets, and Born Blind. As the label grew, it was able to sign artists for full album deals. xDISCIPLEx released material on Facedown, as well as Figure Four and Point of Recognition. The label also signs straight edge groups such as xDEATHSTARx and xLooking Forwardx.

Bands like Seventh Star and Nodes of Ranvier released well-received records through the label, but it was the release of Turn It Around by Comeback Kid (featuring members of Figure Four) that really brought the label more notice. Comeback Kid toured behind that album for the following two years, eventually leaving Facedown to sign with Victory Records.

Strike First Records[edit]

Strike First Records
Parent companyFacedown Records
FounderJason Dunn
GenreMetalcore, post-hardcore, hardcore punk, deathcore
Country of originUS
LocationFallbrook, California
Official websitestrikefirstrecords.com at the Wayback Machine (archived July 27, 2013)

Strike First Records is Facedown's imprint label, which provides label services for smaller bands, and sometimes acts as a "Facedown training ground"; some Strike First bands, such as Bloody Sunday, Kingston Falls, Call to Preserve, and War of Ages have since moved to Facedown.[4] All of Strike First's releases are limited edition physical issue, and are made using no plastic, from recycled cardboard.[1]

Dreamt Music[edit]

Dreamt Music
Parent companyFacedown Records
GenreHard rock, classic rock, Christian alternative rock, Christian rock
Country of originUS
LocationFallbrook, California
Official websiteDreamt Music at the Wayback Machine (archive index)

Late in 2007, the label announced a new imprint, the rock-based Dreamt Music.[5] Dreamt Music focuses more on Christian Alternative and Classic Rock unlike its Christian Metal counterparts Facedown and Strike First Records. See Dreamt Artists for list of Dreamt Music signed artists.

Facedown Fest[edit]

Since 2000,[3] the label also hosts an annual two-day "Facedown Fest" in southern California.[6] The rock festival is usually made up of the entire Facedown and Strike First rosters. It has been the site of final performances by xDisciplex A.D., and xDEATHSTARx, Seventh Star, and served as the introduction of xLooking Forwardx to Facedown fans, prior to the band signing with the label. The popularity of the Fest has grown,[citation needed] and in November 2005, an additional two days were held in Annapolis, Maryland for the convenience of those in the eastern part of the U.S. who cannot easily make it to California. For 2017's Facedown Fest, and to celebrate their 20th anniversary, the label is hosting the festival as a three-day event, with old acts such as A Plea for Purging, Bloodlined Calligraphy and xLooking Forwardx and new acts such as Nothing Left and Comrades. The 20th anniversary had many notable acts, including Impending Doom, Sinai Beach, Gideon, Hands and War of Ages.[7]




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