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A woman wearing a facekini

The facekini (Chinese: 脸基尼; pinyin: liǎnjīní) is a mask designed for swimmers and beachgoers which covers the head and reveals only the eyes, nose, and mouth.[1][2][3] This mask is popular in the beachside town of Qingdao, where it is used by people for protecting themselves from tan inducing UV rays while in direct sunlight and from jellyfish, insects and other irritants while at the beach.[1][4][5] The mask is made of a stretchy fabric that is commonly used in bathing suits,[6] and comes in different colors and patterns.[7] They are often worn in combination with various sun protecting clothing such as body suits with long sleeves, sunglasses, visors, or umbrellas.[8][9] Facekinis are available in local swim stores near beaches and online.[10]

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