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"Faces of Evil" thematic stories
Faces of Evil.png
Image promoting the Faces of Evil event
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
Formats Multiple, thematically linked individual issues from multiple ongoing series and one-shot titles.
Publication date March 2009
Main character(s) DC Universe
Creative team
Writer(s) Various
Artist(s) Various

"Faces of Evil" is a DC Comics "event" in January 2009, that editor Dan DiDio described as "inspirationally tied to Final Crisis," with focus placed on the villains of the particular titles involved in and associated with the event.[1][2] Numerous monthly books had villains displayed on their covers while four additional one-shots were published.


The full list of issues is:

Title Depicted cover villain Author Cover artist(s)
Action Comics #873 Lex Luthor Geoff Johns José Ladrönn
Batman #685 Catwoman Paul Dini Alex Ross
Birds of Prey #126 Calculator Tony Bedard Stephane Roux
Booster Gold #16 Enemy Ace[3] Dan Jurgens Dan Jurgens
Detective Comics #852 Hush Paul Dini Andrew Robinson
Faces of Evil: Deathstroke[4] Deathstroke David Hine José Ladrönn
Faces of Evil: Grundy[5][6] Solomon Grundy Scott Kolins and Geoff Johns Shane Davis
Faces of Evil: Kobra[7] Kobra Ivan Brandon Andrew Robinson
Faces of Evil: Prometheus[8] Prometheus[3] Sterling Gates Mauro Cascioli
Green Arrow/Black Canary #16 Merlyn[9] Andrew Kreisberg José Ladrönn
Green Lantern #37 Laira Geoff Johns Shane Davis
Green Lantern Corps #32 Kryb Peter Tomasi Patrick Gleason
Justice League of America #29 Starbreaker Len Wein Ed Benes
Justice Society of America #23 Black Adam Geoff Johns Alex Ross
Nightwing #152 Ra's al Ghul Peter Tomasi Brian Stelfreeze
Robin #182 Anarky
(Ulysses H. Armstrong)
Fabian Nicieza Brian Stelfreeze
Secret Six #5 Deadshot Gail Simone Nicola Scott
Supergirl #37 Superwoman Sterling Gates Joshua Middleton
Superman #684 Parasite James Robinson Alex Ross
Teen Titans #67 Brother Blood Sean McKeever Eddy Barrows
Titans #9 Jericho[9] Judd Winick Tony Daniel
Vigilante #2 Vigilante Marv Wolfman Andrew Robinson
Wonder Woman #28 Cheetah Gail Simone Aaron Lopresti

Tiny titans 12

The kids-friendly book Tiny Titans also featured a "Faces of Mischief" issue around the same time, written by Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani, and illustrated by Art Baltazar.[10]

The issues of Superman and Action Comics are epilogues to the Superman: New Krypton cross over series. Nightwing is a continuation of the "Batman R.I.P." aftermath storyline, "Last Rites." Detective Comics and Batman comprise a self-contained storyline dependent on each other.

The Faces of Evil event continued in the storyline "Deathtrap," that focuses on Jericho, which starts in "Teen Titans Annual 2009", and then carries on in a crossover between Teen Titans #70-71, Titans #12-13 and Vigilante #5.[11]

A 7 part Solomon Grundy series, by Johns and Kolins, picked up where Faces of Evil: Solomon Grundy left off.



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