Fachkrankenhaus Coswig

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The main building, first built in 1931. A new wing (left) was added in 2004.

Fachkrankenhaus Coswig is a hospital specializing in pneumology and thoracic surgery in Coswig, Germany. It accepts patients with complex cases from all over Germany, as well as from around the world. More than 1,000 thoracic surgeries were performed in 2007.


Treatment of tuberculosis was performed at the clinic beginning in 1920 and around 1930, surgical treatment of the disease began. In 1990, the facility was officially designated the "Centre for Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery". The clinic was extensively renovated and expanded between 2003 and 2004.

Laser Use[edit]

The clinic pioneered the use of 1318-nm Nd:YAG laser for lung resections in 1996.

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