Facilitated Application Specification Techniques

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Facilitated Application Specification Technique ("FAST") is a technique for requirements elicitation for software development. The objective is to close the gap between what the developers intend and what users expect. It is a team-oriented approach for gathering requirements.

Basic guidelines[edit]

  • Meetings are conducted at a neutral site attended by both developers and users.
  • The group establishes rules for preparation and participation.
  • An agenda is suggested that with enough formality to cover all important points but informal enough to encourage the free flow of ideas.
  • A facilitator controls the meeting.
  • A definition mechanism is used.

The main goal is to identify the problem, propose solutions, negotiate different approaches, and specify a preliminary set of software requirements in an atmosphere that is conductive to accomplish the goal.

After initial meeting, user and developer should write a one or two product request form. Before the next meeting it is distributed to all other attendees. Each attendee is asked to make the following lists:

  • List of objects
  • List of services
  • List of constraints
  • performance criteria

Representatives of FAST[edit]

  • Marketing person[clarification needed]
  • Software and hardware engineer
  • Representative from manufacturing
  • An outside faciitator