Faculdade Cásper Líbero

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Faculdade Cásper Líbero
Logo Cásper Líbero.jpg
EstablishedMay 16, 1947
PresidentTereza Vitali

Faculdade Cásper Líbero (FCL) is a private university in São Paulo, Brazil. Founded in 1947 by Brazilian journalist Cásper Líbero, it is the oldest journalism school in Latin America. The university offers courses on journalism, broadcasting, advertising and public relations. Faculdade Cásper Líbero is a leading communications school in Brazil and often ranked among the top-five journalism schools in the country. It ranked as the fifth best Communications school in the country in 2019 at Folha de S. Paulo's University Ranking.[1]


Faculdade Cásper Líbero was founded in 1947 by Brazilian journalist Cásper Líbero. In 1972, it was renamed to Faculdade de Comunicação Social Cásper Líbero and it introduced courses on advertising and public relations. In 2002, a broadcasting course was introduced. The university is located on 900 Paulista Avenue, the same building that hosts other companies from the same group, such as TV Gazeta and Rádio Gazeta FM.


All students are admitted through an entrance exam, usually consisting of 90 multiple-choice questions and a written essay. Students may also earn extra points depending on their performance on the ENEM exam.


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