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School of Engineering (UNAM)
UNAM College of Engineering logo.png
Seal of UNAM's College of Engineering
Type Faculty
Established 1910
Dean Carlos Agustín Escalante Sandoval
Students 12,000
Undergraduates 10,900
Postgraduates 1,190
Location Mexico City,  Mexico
Colors Blue & Gold          (of the University)           (of the faculty)
Back part of main building

The School of Engineering (Spanish: Facultad de Ingeniería) at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) is the most prestigious engineering school in Latin America and one of the top engineering schools worldwide.[1] At the undergraduate level, it offers thirteen majors and some graduate programs. In fall 2008, the school of engineering had over 10,900 undergraduate students and 1,115 graduate students and postdocs.[2] The School of Engineering offers undergraduate studies in:

The studies on Chemistry, as for chemical engineering,[4] are offered by UNAM's own School of Chemistry.[5][6]


The school of Engineering at the UNAM has its origins as the Real Seminario de Mineria (Royal School of Mining), which building is still standing near the Zocalo in Mexico City. After the university was closed in 1833, several scientific institutes were established in Mexico, all of them related to some branch of engineering. These eventually merged into a single institution which in 1910 was put under the supervision of the newly created UNAM and renamed to Escuela Nacional de Ingeniería (National School of Engineering).

In 1954 the school changes its location to Ciudad Universitaria. In 1959, with the creation of the Engineering Institute and the availability of its first graduate program, the school changes its name to Facultad de Ingeniería.

The history of UNAM indicates that the School of Engineering has been a strong technology innovator, and today, student associations focus on creating technological innovations. UNAM's School of Engineering has made great strides to include more women in technology. It also organizes several tech events to help its students become innovators and entrepreneurs. The All Latina Hackathon was sponsored by Google and took place in the computer engineering department.

Organization and departments[edit]

School of engineering buildings.
Students design and build a robot.

The school of engineering is organized in divisions (somewhat the equivalent of departments), each under the direct supervision of a Head of division. These are themselves coordinated and supervised by the faculty dean, currently Carlos Agustín Escalante Sandoval.

Is in charge of subjects such as physics and mathematics, every student has to take one or more subjects of this department, specially during the first 4 semesters. These subjects on fundamental science are then common to all students and are often regarded as the most difficult among all.

In charge of the majors in the name, is the contact between the school and the industry, there are some programs for young entrepreneurial and some courses that may resemble a BA program in US

The civil Engineering division is one of the oldest divisions and has great prestige. Many famous researchers, and business leaders, such as Carlos Slim have studied in this division.

  • Electrical Engineering Division (DIE): The Electric Engineering Division is in charge of three different bachelor's degrees: Electric Engineering, Computer Engineering and Telecommunication Engineering. It is the biggest division by number of students, as the degrees it offers have a high employment rate. This division, especially the computer engineering department, has established many on-going collaborations with industry and academia, such as: Google, Intel, IBM, Oracle, Telmex, Microsoft, Carnegie Mellon University, UC Berkeley, Stanford, Wikimedia.[7][8][9][10] The DIE has a head chair that coordinates these different departments. The current chair is Dr. Boris Escalante. Each department also has its own chair and coordinator. The department with most students, faculty and infrastructure is the Computer Engineering department, whose current coordinator is professor Norma Elva Chavez.
  • Earth Sciences Engineering (DICT):

This division is organizes the Mining, Petroleum, Geophysics and Geology Engineering bachelor Programs. Is one of the oldest divisions in the school and currently has some joint programs with PEMEX among other petroleum companies.

  • Distance and Continuing Education Division:

As the name implies, this division is in charge of courses and diplomas for active professionals who wish to stay up to date with current technological trends or wish to stay in contact with the academic community in some way other than the conventional graduate programs.

  • Social Sciences and Humanities Division (DCSyH):

In charge of cultural activities and some subjects, such as literature, ethics and history.

Location and facilities[edit]

The school of engineering has numerous facilities, most of which are located in Ciudad Universitaria in Mexico City, between Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Administration.

It has two libraries for undergraduate students and one for graduate ones. It also has some of Mexico's finest laboratories for civil and mechanical engineering,and various laboratories of electronic engineering with cutting-edge technology.

Noted alumni and faculty[edit]

UNAM School of Engineering rankings[edit]

According to the QS Universities Rankings (2012)[16] the School of Engineering is positioned in the following rankings:

Mechanical Engineering:151-200

Civil Engineering:51-100

Computer and Electrical Engineering: 51-100

Student organizations[edit]

The school of engineering has several student organizations, among them a Tuna, a chorus and a photo club.

Each major has its own student organization, which is in charge of promoting activities related to each specialization, such as extracurricular courses, workshops or congresses.

Presidents of SAFIR[edit]

Period President Career coursing
1997-1999 Alejandro Farah Simón (Founder)[18] Mechanical Engineering
1999-2000 Penélope López Mechanical Engineering
2000-2002 Francisco Tovar Mechanical Engineering
2002-2003 Samanta Sabodka Geophysical Engineering
2003-2004 Marisol Hernández Cuellar Computer Engineering
2004-2006 Luis Efrén Flores Electronical Engineering
2006-2007 Luis Vidal Mechanical Engineering
2007-2008 Víctor Becerra Herrera Civil Engineering
2008-2009 David Luna Martínez Mechanical Engineering
2009-2010 Douglas Alberto Gómez Reyes Geophysical Engineering
2010-2011 Mario Arturo Nieto Butrón Computer Engineering
2011-2012 Agustín Romero Mechanical Engineering
2012-2013 Diego Ulises Mendoza Arroyo Telecommunications Engineering
2013-2014 Aldo Daniel Acosta Duran Computer Engineering
2014-2015 Antonio Lledías Mechanical Engineering
2015–Present Oscar Iván Calderón Hernández Geophysical Engineering

Graduate programs[edit]

Each division within the school of engineering organizes graduate programs. There are also graduate programs in cooperation with other graduate programs and other higher education institutions in Mexico.


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