Faculty of Teacher Education, University of Zagreb

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Faculty of Teacher Education's building is located in the Savska street in central-southwest Zagreb.

The Faculty of Teacher Education at the University of Zagreb is a faculty which focusses on the education of teachers and preschool teachers. Apart from its central location in Zagreb, it has facilities in Petrinja and Čakovec.[1]

The first teacher's school in Zagreb was the Higher Pedagogical School which offered a two-year program from 1919.[2] In the Independent State of Croatia the program was extended to four years, but was shorted to three after the Second World War.[2] It became the Pedagogical Academy in 1960, and upon Croatian independence the academy gradually evolved into the modern faculty.[2]

According to Croatia's Parliamentary Commission for Verification of War and Post-War Crimes the faculty's grounds in Zagreb were the site of a mass grave of approximately 300 prisoners killed by the Yugoslav Partisans in 1945, after the end of the Second World War.[3] After a public education campaign in 2008 by concerned groups, Croatian authorities launched an investigation into the site.[4]


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