Faddeyevsky Peninsula

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Location of Faddeyevsky in the Anzhu subgroup.

Faddeyevsky is a large peninsula (former island, now part of Kotelny Island) projecting from the northern end of Bunge Land eastwards with its isthmus in the north. There is a deep inlet on Faddeyevski between its western coast and adjoining Bunge Land. Unlike Kotelny this island is relatively flat despite its size, its highest point being only 65 m. Its area is 5,300 km². Faddeyevsky is covered with tundra vegetation and dotted with small lakes. This island was named after a fur trader called Faddeyev who built the first habitation there.

Coordinates: 75°27′N 143°51′E / 75.450°N 143.850°E / 75.450; 143.850