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Origin New York City, New York, United States
Years active 1991–2014 (on hiatus)
Labels Universal Music Japan (2002–2014)
Members Jon Underdown
Rui Watanabe
Kansei Miyagi
Noriyuki Hashimoto

Fade (stylized as fade) was a Japanese-American rock band formed in 1991. To date, Fade has released 5 mini-albums, 3 full-length studio albums, and 2 singles. Fade is currently signed with record label Universal Music Japan.[1] On April 9, 2014, fade announced an indefinite hiatus, in effect after the completion of their June tour.[2]


Pre-Fade and Formation[edit]

The band was founded by drummer and songwriter Rui Watanabe and guitarist Kansei Miyaji, both of whom attended the same Japanese secondary school in New York City, New York.[3] In 1994 bassist Noriyuki Hashimoto joined the group and in 1998 a second guitarist, Shingo Terasawa, (alias 5°, pronounced Godo) came on board. In 1999 the members relocated to Tokyo, Japan and in 2001, Jon Underdown, who at the time was an exchange student hailing from Seattle, Washington, joined the band solidifying the line-up. The following year, 2002, the group officially decided on the band name “Fade”.[4] Jon, Rui and Kansei were born in the United States but only Jon doesn't have Japanese ancestry while Noriyuki and Godo were born in Japan.[4]

Fade and A Moment of Truth[edit]

The band's self-titled debut mini-album, fade, was released nationwide in Japan in 2003. It ranked 3rd on Japan Countdown, a weekly countdown chart of album sales nationwide in Japan. Following their debut mini-album, while working with Markku Lappalainen (ex. Hoobastank), Erik Gregory (programming for Linkin Park’s 1st remix album Reanimation), and Jason C. Miller (gODHEAD) in 2005, Fade released their second mini-album entitled A Moment of Truth. “Beautiful”, the albums 3rd track, was featured in the 2006 Shunji Iwai film, Rainbow Song.[5]

Under the Sun and To Find A Better Tomorrow[edit]

A Moment of Truth was shortly followed by the release of Under the Sun, the bands 3rd mini-album, a few months later. The band's 4th mini-album release, To Find A Better Tomorrow, in which they worked with Ted Jensen, was released in 2008 ranking 9th on the Western Music chart of USEN Japan.[6] The album's 6th track, “Slitting Regret”, features additional vocals from Toyo of Japanese industrial metal band Newbreed.

Age of Innocence[edit]

2009 marked Fade's 5th release and first full-length studio album, Age of Innocence.[7] It included numerous songs that were featured on numerous marketing campaigns including ABC-Mart,[6] and popular video games series' Drum Mania and Guitar Freaks.[8]

Kings of Dawn[edit]

Fade's 6th release,Kings of Dawn, arrived in 2011, which featured Koie Kenta, of Japanese industrial metal band Crossfaith, on the intro track “Born Ready”. This was also the first album featuring Jon singing in Japanese in addition to being the first album which the band hired producer, Hajime Okano (L'Arc en Ciel). An ITunes version of Kings of Dawn was released which included a cover of Bon Jovi's, Livin' on a Prayer(1986). In addition, a European edition of Kings of Dawn was also released in December 2011 through Gan-shin Records.[9]

One Reason and Cosmicalism[edit]

Concurrently, the singles "One Reason" and "Cosmicalism" (コズミカリズム Kozumikarizumu) were also released in April 2011. The song “One Reason” by Fade featuring Deadman Wonder Land (DWB), was the opening theme song to the Japanese anime Deadman Wonderland. A limited edition of “One Reason” was also released in 2011, which included a bonus DVD of the anime movie Deadman Wonderland. The song "One Reason" ranked 4th on the Independent Label music chart.[6]


Ten (天), the bands 7th album was released in July 2012. The band once again collaborated with producer Hajime Okano, and featured Toyo from Newbreed on the albums 2nd track, "Chase for Daylight", Jon once described the concept of TEN as “ROCK with pop sensibility” and commented “I think we went to the poppyest we’ve ever been on one side, and we went to the heaviest we’ve ever been, too”.[10] A limited-edition of TEN was also released which included a bonus DVD featuring selected live concert footage and music videos.

Crossroad ~History of fade~[edit]

The band's 8th album, released on 26 February 2014, features 17 tracks of which 3 are new. The band worked with Akira Yamaoka on new track "One Shot Dealer". Mixing for the album was done in LA by Jay Baumgardner.


Extended Play[edit]

  • Fade (2003)
  • A Moment of Truth (2005)
  • Under the Sun (2005)
  • To Find A Better Tomorrow (2008)
  • Kings of Dawn (2011)

Studio albums[edit]

  • Age of Innocence (2009)
  • Ten (2012)

Compilation albums[edit]

  • Crossroad (2014)


  • Black Hearts And Dollar Signs (2009)
  • One Reason (2011)
  • From The Heart (2011)
  • Cosmicalism (2011)
  • Cross Road (2013)

Band members[edit]

  • Jonathan "Jon" Mathew Underdown − lead vocals (since 2001)
  • Shingo "Godo" Terasawa − guitars, backing vocals (since 1998)
  • Noriyuki Hashimoto − bass, backing vocals (since 1994)
  • Kansei Miyagi − guitars, backing vocals (since 1991)
  • Rui Watanabe − drums, bandleader (since 1991)


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