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Fade Kainer
Fade Kainer.png
Background information
Origin USA
Genres Goth rock
Industrial metal
Labels Spent Decibel / Metropolis Records Distribution

Fade Kainer was born in Langen[disambiguation needed], Germany, lives in Brooklyn, New York and is a musician and composer, music producer, audio engineer, sound designer, visual artist and painter.

He is the singer/songwriter in the industrial/metal band Inswarm.[1][2] Fade formed INSWARM with Josh Lozano, creating "the combination of haunting atmospheres, harsh synthetic machinery, sludgy and melancholic guitars, dispirited vocals over tribal drumming and pulsing mechanized beats." Critics were stunned by the their live performances: “I swear, they’re the 2007 manifestation of the 1980 Skinny Puppy. He (Fade Kainer) even moved like Ogre. So much talent, I just know that they’re going to go far.” - Ted Petrosky

Batillus[1] started in 2007 as an instrumental doom band with Greg Peterson, guitar; Willi Stabenau, bass; and Geoff Summers, percussion. Geoff saw Fade perform in INSWARM and knew at once that Fade should join Batillus. In 2009, Fade joined Batillus serving double duty, "acting not only as the lead singer but also as the textural locomotive, using an array of synthesizers and samplers to back the band with electronics and to sample and layer his voice in these songs." Batillus recorded the split with Hallowed Butchery just as Fade newly joined the band. The band themselves describe the split as showing "a band that's evolving" and a "bit like moonshine, whereas the material we've written since is more like a barrel-aged bourbon." Batillus created huge waves in the metal scene with 2011's Furnace, recorded and mixed by Sanford Parker. "Furnace is about the mental as much as it is the physical. The pain is real, regardless of its form. BATILLUS delivers a big 'ole box of torment to the unsuspecting recipient and that sucker is one heavy son of a bitch. Wear a back brace and bend at the knees." Furnace was listed in Invisible Oranges' Top 50 albums of 2011: "When vocalist and sample manipulator Fade Kainer commands you to “fall on your knees” with his blood-curdling roar, you find yourself compelled to obey."

2013 saw Batillus releasing critically acclaimed "Concrete Sustain" and the Concrete video. "Where Furnace was already sonically weighty, Concrete Sustain sees the band expanding their palate. In addition to their bowel-shaking tone, the synths and noise provided by vocalist/noisemaker Fade Kainer take on a more prominent role. Their presence on Furnace was understated and accentual, while here they are on more equal footing."

Fade's solo project STATIQBLOOM is an ambient/electronic/experimental project that has been considered an "atmosperic music mostly composed stream of thought drifting at times from meloncoly and sparse, to dense and haunting. It emerges from somewhere hidden deep at times an exorcism." Video from Statiqbloom's limited release called "six"

Fade continues his influence on dark synth, industrial and metal with the band Theologian, along with members Lee Bartow and Matt Slagel. Theologian has been described as "black industrial, apocalyptic darkwave frequencies, and nerve-rending electronic deathscapes". Their brand new album Some Things Have To Be Endured released on October 15, 2013 via Crucial Blast: Theologian: Some Things Have To Be Endured bandcamp

Other Projects:

Fade is a live member of Jarboe.[1]

Fade was the singer/songwriter of the industrial metal rock group Still Life Decay, formed by Fade Kainer and Edu Mussi.

Fade contributed live drums, electronics, effects, mixing and editing to Love is nothing Dead Butterflies track

Fade contributed live drums to Ascension of The Watchers from 2005-2006

Kainer also has remixed many bands including Nachtmystium, Fear Factory, Black Sun, Secrets of the Moon, Side 3.

As of early 2016, Fade is currently a member of the New York City Black Metal band Tombs. He adds Vocals and plays Synthesizer.

Batillus discography[edit]

Year Title Label
2010 Batillus/Hallowed Butchery vinyl split Vendetta Records

Inswarm discography[edit]

Year Title Label
2007 The Severed EP self release
2009 Surely death is no dream self release

Still Life Decay discography[edit]

See: Still Life Decay discography

Year Title Label
2002 The Drown EP self release
2004 Storm & Stress Metropolis RecordsSpent Decible
2006 parasitic self release


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