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Game background
Title(s) The Queen's Consort
Home plane Arborea
Power level Celestial paragon
Alignment Chaotic good
Superior Morwel
Design details

Faerinaal (FAY-reh-nayl) is a powerful eladrin prince, in the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game. He counsels and provides company for the eladrin queen, oversees the defense of the Court of Stars, and works to liberate eladrins captured by evil forces.

Creative origins[edit]

Eladrins debuted as several cards in the Blood Wars Card Game in 1995, including among them Faerinaal, Queen's Consort, Gwynarwhyf the Veiled, and Faerie Queen Morwel.

Publication history[edit]

Faerinaal appeared in third edition in Book of Exalted Deeds (2003).[1]


Faerinaal is a handsome, elflike being wearing a robe of midnight blue, covered in symbols resembling stars. He can also appear as an orb of scintillating, rainbow light four feet in diameter. A master politician and a shrewd negotiator, Queen Morwel relies on Faerinaal to handle particularly difficult matters.


Faerinaal is one of two current consorts of the eladrin queen Morwel (the other is Gwynharwyf). Faerinaal adores Morwel more than any other being in the multiverse. Vaeros, Faerinaal's predecessor, perished during a mission to the Abyss to liberate eladrins captured by the forces of evil.


Faerinaal is served by the djinni Dwaecor and by the lillend bard Karasel.


Faerinaal dwells with his lovers Morwel and Gwynharwyf in the Court of Stars on the plane of Arborea. This timeless, autumnal realm seems eternally in twilight, and it can manifest on any of the three layers of the plane. There is no aging, hunger, or thirst on within the Court of Stars, although inhabitants may eat and drink for their enjoyment. Morwel dwells within a palace of crystal.

Artifacts and relics[edit]

Faerinaal is associated with Hwyrr, the Clarion Harp, an artifact that moves from bard to bard on the Prime Material Plane to chronicle events there. One day it will return to Faerinaal and recount its tales of glory. Faerinaal sometimes sends Karasel to the Material Plane in search of it.


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