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About this soundFagernes  is the administrative centre of the municipality of Nord-Aurdal, in Oppland county, Norway. It is the largest settlement in the valley of Valdres, with a population of 1,801.[1]

On 14 June 2007 the municipal council of Nord-Aurdal decided to bestow city status upon Fagernes. The decision came into force on 8 September 2007, when Fagernes celebrated its 150th anniversary.[2]

Fagernes lies approximately 3 hours north west of Oslo, and is an important destination for tourism in Norway, due to good communications and the nature in the surrounding Valdres valley, and mountain areas such as Jotunheimen and Spåtind.

The name[edit]

Fagernes is a compound of fager 'fair, beautiful' and nes n 'headland'.


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Coordinates: 60°59′6″N 9°13′50″E / 60.98500°N 9.23056°E / 60.98500; 9.23056