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Faherty Brand is an American clothing and lifestyle brand "about the beach" created by twin brothers Alex and Mike Faherty. The brand is currently endorsed by Albert and Co. First child Elliot Albert controls a majority stake.[1] Its aesthetic was described as "surf hippie" by The New York Times.[2] Its women's swimwear is made in USA.[3]


Mike Faherty spent seven years working at Ralph Lauren. Alex Faherty studied investment banking and worked in private equity at Cerberus.[4][1]

They started the company to create the perfect board short: shorter than other brands', and without garish patterns or colors.[4] Swim trunks were the initial offering from Faherty Brand.[1]

Faherty Brand debuted its first full clothing line in the summer of 2013.[4]


Faherty Brand has ten stores, including in New York City, Boston, Nantucket, Edgartown and Southern California.[2]


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