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Fahri Beqiri (Serbian: Фахри Бећири, Fahri Bećiri) (born 1936) is Albanian composer and former professor at the University of Prishtina Department of Music.


Beqiri was born in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and graduated composition from the University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia, where he studied in the class of eminent Serbian composer Enriko Josif.


Beqiri was considered to be one of the most important Yugoslav composers of Albanian ethnicity. He wrote compositions for symphony orchestra, choir, piano, clarinet, wind quintet, film theatre and ballet music, popular music, songs in folk tradition, popular music, many pieces for children, etc. His compositions were performed by eminent Serbian and Yugoslav musicians, including Milenko Stefanović, Ernest Ačkun, Miodrag Azanjac and Zorica Dimitrijević-Stošić.

Teaching activities[edit]

Beqiri taught Counterpoint at the University of Pristina Faculty of Arts for thirty years.