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Type of site
Available in English
Headquarters United States
Owner Pet Holdings Incorporated
Slogan(s) Social Media From Facepalms to High-Fives
Registration Optional
Launched 3 December 2009[1]
Current status Online

Failbook+ is a comedic blog website which primarily focuses on screenshots of humorous genuine status updates uploaded onto Facebook,[2] although the website has acknowledged expansion into other Social Networking websites, such as Google+, Twitter, and others,[3] with messages being sent from users who often have their identities removed. The first "fail" was placed onto the website on December 3, 2009.[1] It is often regarded as a sister website to Fail Blog, a website which focuses on people failing at tasks that they attempt. Failbook is a subdivision of I Can Has Cheezburger?, which is owned by Pet Holdings Incorporated.

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