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The Right Honourable
Faimalaga Luka
Governor-General of Tuvalu
In office
9 September 2003 – 15 April 2005
Monarch Elizabeth II
Prime Minister Saufatu Sopoanga
Maatia Toafa
Preceded by Tomasi Puapua
Succeeded by Filoimea Telito
Prime Minister of Tuvalu
In office
24 February 2001 – 13 December 2001
Monarch Elizabeth II
Governor-General Tomasi Puapua
Preceded by Lagitupu Tuilimu (acting)
Succeeded by Koloa Talake
Personal details
Born April 15, 1940
Died August 19, 2005(2005-08-19) (aged 65)
Suva, Fiji

Faimalaga Luka (April 15, 1940 – August 19, 2005) was a political figure from the Pacific nation of Tuvalu. He represented the constituency of Nukufetau in the Parliament of Tuvalu. He served as Governor-General and the Prime Minister of Tuvalu.


He was a broadcaster and politician, spending 40 years in the civil service and in politics, serving in roles including Minister for Health from 1994 to 1996 and Minister of Home Affairs from 1999 to 2001. He was married to Sikiona Luka.[1]

Prime Minister[edit]

After the death of Prime Minister Ionatana on 8 December 2000, Lagitupu Tuilimu was acting prime minister from 8 December 2000 to 24 February 2001. Faimalaga Luka became the Prime Minister of Tuvalu on 23 February 2001 and was sworn in the next day with a reshuffled cabinet.[2] Luka's government lasted until December 2001, when he lost office as the consequence of a motion of no confidence.[2] On 13 December 2001 the former finance minister Koloa Talake was appointed prime minister.[2][3]

Speaker of Parliament[edit]

In June 2003 he became speaker of parliament, although an opposition MP at the time.[4]


Luka was appointed as Governor-General on 9 September 2003,[2] as the representative of HM Queen Elizabeth II, who is Tuvalu's head of state. He retired on 15 April 2005,[2][5] after reaching his 65th birthday. Tuvalu, unlike most countries, has a mandatory retirement age for all civil servants.

Declines a Knighthood[edit]

Historical note: Luka was the only Governor-General of Tuvalu not to accept a Knighthood. The practice of a Governor-General accepting a Knighthood was resumed by Luka's successor to that office, Sir Filoimea Telito.


He died on August 19, 2005 in Fiji where he had been referred for medical treatment.[2][6]

See also[edit]

Preceded by
Lagitupu Tuilimu (acting)
Prime Minister of Tuvalu
Succeeded by
Koloa Talake
Preceded by
Sir Tomasi Puapua
Governor-General of Tuvalu
Succeeded by
Sir Filoimea Telito


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