Fair Game (2005 film)

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Fair Game
Fair Game 2005 DVD.jpg
DVD cover art
Directed by Michael Whaley
Produced by Curtis Shaw
Jaki West
LaMonica Peters
Lia Smith
Michael Whaley
Robert Idavia
Steve Weisberg
T.C. Payton
Thomas Mueed
Tommy Burns
William White
Yeoman Elvan
Written by J.M. Winters
Michael Whaley
Starring Christopher B. Duncan
Gina Torres
Kellita Smith
Michael Whaley
Mother Love
Music by Steven Barri Cohen
Cinematography Stephen Timberlake
Edited by Amber Pfeiffer
Distributed by UrbanWorks Entertainment
Release date
Running time
85 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Fair Game is a 2005 romantic comedy film, written and directed by Michael Whaley. Whaley also stars in the film, alongside Gina Torres.


Michael (Whaley) and Stacey (Torres) are co-workers who can barely get along at the office. When Michael is suddenly thrust out of his home, the two are unexpectedly forced to become roommates. Though neither is particularly happy about the situation, they eventually learn to like each other, to the point where an undeniable attraction forms. However, another man enters Stacey's life right around the same time, complicating things even more than they were before.



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