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Fair Game may refer to:



Television episodes[edit]

  • "Fair Game" (1986), fifth season episode of Falcon Crest
  • "Fair Game" (1994), fourth season episode of Heartbeat
  • "Fair Game" (1999), third season episode of Stargate SG-1
  • "Fair Game" (2000), second season episode of The King of Queens
  • "Fair Game" (2001), sixth season series finale of Nash Bridges
  • "Fair Game" (2017), sixth season episode of Homeland

Other uses[edit]

  • Fair Game (radio), a Public Radio International program hosted by Faith Salie
  • Fair Game (Scientology), a Church of Scientology policy on the treatment of people and groups it perceives as its enemies
  • Fair Game, a 1990s American band fronted by Ron Keel
  • "Fair Game", a song by Crosby, Stills & Nash from CSN (1977)
  • Fair Game (EP), an album by the Australian rock band The Sports (1978)

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