Fairbanks Ranch Country Club

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Fairbanks Ranch Country Club
Club information
Coordinates 32°58′44″N 117°12′25″W / 32.979°N 117.207°W / 32.979; -117.207Coordinates: 32°58′44″N 117°12′25″W / 32.979°N 117.207°W / 32.979; -117.207
Location Rancho Santa Fe, California, U.S.A.
Established 1984
Type Private
Owned by Bay Club Company, San Francisco
Total holes 27
Website www.fairbanksranch.com/Club/Scripts/Home/home.asp

Fairbanks Ranch Country Club is a private golf club located in Rancho Santa Fe, California. Founded in 1984, it sits on 274 acres (111 ha) of land owned by the City of San Diego. The club was originally member-owned. In July 2016 the members sold it to the Bay Club Company of San Francisco for an undisclosed sum.[1]

The club features an 18-hole championship course designed by Ted Robinson. In 2004 a nine-hole course designed by Ted Robinson Jr. was added.[1]

The club hosted the equestrian endurance portion of the eventing competitions for the 1984 Summer Olympics held in neighboring Los Angeles.[2]


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