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Fairchild Brothers & Foster was a drug manufacturer which was based in New York City in the 1930s. Thomas Fairchild (1851–1939), of Quaker Ridge, New Rochelle, New York, was one of the firm's founders, and its president. He was born in Stratford, Connecticut.

Formation of company[edit]

Fairchild studied at Stratford Academy and graduated from Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. Afterward he joined Caswell Havard & Company of New York City. Later he organized Fairchild Brothers & Foster together with his brother Samuel W. Fairchild and Macomb G. Foster.[1]

Acquisition by rival company[edit]

The company was acquired by Sterling Drug, Inc., in February 1946. Fairchild Brothers & Foster specialized in making drugs to assist digestive disorders. Among the drugs it produced were Marinol, Phisoderm, and Enzymo.

Stearns & Company, a subsidiary of Sterling Drug, Inc., took over the distribution of all except three drugs made by the acquired concern. Winthrop Chemical Company, also a Sterling subsidiary, resumed the manufacture of Marinol, Phisoderm, and Enzymo.[2]


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