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for Croydon Council
Outline map
Boundary of Fairfield in Croydon from 2018.
CountyGreater London
Current ward
Created1978 (1978)
CouncillorMary Croos (Labour)
CouncillorChris Clark (Labour)
CouncillorCaragh Skipper (Labour)
Number of councillorsThree
Created fromCentral
Contributed to new ward(s) of:Park Hill & Whitgift
UK Parliament constituencyCroydon Central
UK Parliament constituencyCroydon North

Fairfield is a ward in the London Borough of Croydon, covering most of the Croydon area of London in the United Kingdom. The ward currently forms part of the Croydon Central parliamentary constituency, except for a small area near West Croydon station which is part of the Croydon North constituency. The population of the ward at the 2011 Census was 16,569.[1]

The ward returns three councillors every four years to Croydon Council. At the 2006 Croydon Council election, David Fitze, Vidhi Mohan and Sue Winborn were elected to the council. All of them stood as Conservative Party candidates. The turnout in the ward was similar to others in the area.

Fairfield contains Croydon town centre, with its retail and office core. Until 2018, it also contained Park Hill and the Whitgift Estate to the east which is mostly 20th century housing bordering Lloyd Park. These became a separate Park Hill and Whitgift ward in 2018, leading to the Fairfield ward now having a radically different character to before. Also found in the ward are Ruskin House, the headquarters of the Croydon Labour Party, and the Fairfield Halls concert hall and arts centre. The Vanguard Way passes along the Fairfield Path.

The former Fairfield ward (red) shown within Croydon Central constituency (orange) and the London Borough of Croydon (yellow)

Ward Results[edit]

2018 to present[edit]

Croydon Council Election 2018: Fairfield (3)
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Labour Mary Croos 1,351 18.81
Labour Chris Clark 1,329 18.50
Labour Niroshan Kantha Sirisena 1,226 17.07
Conservative Ben Joce 792 11.02
Conservative Philip Richard Smith 753 10.48
Conservative Elizabeth Agyepong 750 10.44
Green Takudzwa Issaac Chideme 267 3.72
Green Alex Gwilt-Cox 266 3.70
Liberal Democrats Tomas Foster Garcia de Quiroz 241 3.35
Liberal Democrats Alan Edward Reynolds 209 2.91
Majority 434 6.04
Labour hold Swing
Labour hold Swing
Labour hold Swing

2002 to 2018[edit]

Croydon Council Election 2014: Fairfield
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Conservative Vidhi Mohan 2,109
Conservative Sue Winborn 2,016
Conservative Helen Pollard 1,997
Labour Patricia Cummings 1,471
Labour Clive Fraser 1,408
Labour David Wood 1,363
UKIP Daniel Heaton 535
Green Timothy Eveleigh 504
Green Saima Raza 461
Green Jonathan Wharton 397
Liberal Democrats Stephanie Offer 282
Liberal Democrats Sasha Konechni 273
Liberal Democrats Ejnar Sorensen 197
Conservative hold Swing
Conservative hold Swing
Conservative hold Swing
Croydon Council Election 2006: Fairfield
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Conservative Vidhi Mohan 2,070
Conservative Susan Winborn 2,042
Conservative David Fitze 2,010
Labour Peter Horah 870
Labour Yvonne Gosling 834
Labour Dominic O'Donnell 807
Liberal Democrats Jill George 640
Green Julia Barnsley 629
UKIP Edwin Wigley 226
Monster Raving Loony John Cartwright 200
Turnout 3,808 37.6%
Registered electors 10,127
Conservative hold Swing
Conservative hold Swing
Conservative hold Swing
Croydon Council Election 2002: Fairfield
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Conservative Robert W. Coatman 1,816
Conservative Patricia F. L. Knight 1,752
Conservative Audrey-Marie N. Yates 1,636
Labour Simon A. Hall 1,417
Labour Dominic G. O’Donnell 1,381
Labour Paul R. M. Dickinson 1,316
Liberal Democrats Robert Beadle 486
Liberal Democrats Joanna A. Whitehouse 473
Monster Raving Loony John S. Cartwright 209
Conservative hold Swing
Conservative hold Swing
Conservative hold Swing


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Coordinates: 51°22′15″N 0°05′15″W / 51.3709°N 0.0875°W / 51.3709; -0.0875