Fairfield High School (New South Wales)

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Fairfield High School, NSW
The Horsley Drive
Fairfield, Sydney, New South Wales
Coordinates 33°51′54″S 150°57′29″E / 33.8649°S 150.9580°E / -33.8649; 150.9580Coordinates: 33°51′54″S 150°57′29″E / 33.8649°S 150.9580°E / -33.8649; 150.9580
Type Public
Motto "To Live is to Learn"
Established 1955
School district South Western Sydney School Region
Principal Mr. Mulas
Assistant principals David Hargave
Mrs Duncan
Grades 7-12
Enrolment 1100+
Colour(s) Year 7-10: Maroon Jumpers, blue T-Shirts, and grey Pants. Yr 11-12: Navy blue jumpers, white T-shirts, grey pants.

Fairfield High School is a comprehensive, co-educational school in Fairfield, Sydney, Australia, part of the South Western Sydney School Region and the Fairfield School Education Area. When Fairfield High School was established in 1955, the school was divided into two adjacent single sex high schools: Fairfield Boys High School and Fairfield Girls High School.

About Fairfield High School[edit]

Fairfield High School is a comprehensive local high school located in the heart of the Fairfield Municipality. Situated in the south western suburbs of Sydney, the school is located on the fringe of the Fairfield Central business district along the Horsley Drive. Fairfield is one of the most densely populated suburbs in Sydney containing residents from all over the world. The community is one of the most multi-cultural communities in Sydney.

Fairfield High School offers a comprehensive education in a coeducational setting. The broad curriculum and its emphasis on catering for the needs of the individual are distinctive features. Students from various cultural backgrounds are valued in this multi-cultural learning community.

A well established Intensive English Centre (IEC) is located on site as part of the High School community. It caters for newly arrived students from overseas. The school has particular interest in providing for the needs of these students on entry into the high school setting.

The positive nature of the school is most evident in its welfare and award system and implementation of the community, achievement, respect and environment (CARE) code that underpins the ethos of the school. The aim of the school is to produce informed, confident and caring individuals through many quality programs promoting the CARE code.

The school is part of the Priority Schools Funding Program which supports students through a variety of strategies that are embedded in the school's management plan and school ethos.


Fairfield High school offers a diverse range of subjects from years 7 to 12. Technological courses are offered to students in years 7 - 8, and elective subjects are offered to students in years 9 and 10. Also offered are a wide variety of extension courses.


The Fairfield High School building is also used for adult education classes through Macarthur Community College.

Extra events[edit]

Fairfield High School is an active member in the community and is the host to a variety of events such as:

  • Mini United Nations Assembly (MUNA)

The Mini United Nations Assembly is an annual regional event held in the school's auditorium where students form teams to debate about worldwide contemporary issues. Each team is a representative for one individual country and the winning team receives a trophy for their achievements. Students are also treated to a free sausage sizzle and a certificate of participation.

  • Regional Chess Competition

Fairfield is the host to the regional chess competition, where talented students from other public and private schools are invited into the school to test their skills as chess players.

  • Multicultural Day
  • Saturday Classes
  • Gifted and Talented Art program

This is a program aimed at young primary school children who have an interest in art, organised by the Art Department.

Notable alumni[edit]

Notable alumni include:

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