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Industry Oilfield Services
Headquarters Sugar Land, Texas, U.S.
Key people
  • Walter Pharris (Chairman)
  • Charles W. Davison, Jr. (President & CEO)
Products Seismic
Parent Fairfield-Maxwell Ltd.
Website www.fairfieldnodal.com

FairfieldNodal is a privately held full service geophysical company with worldwide operations. In 2010, Fairfield Industries was renamed FairfieldNodal, a name that reflects the company’s expertise in nodal technology.[1] Fairfield is headquartered in Sugar Land, Texas outside of Houston with domestic offices in Denver, New Orleans, and Lafayette and international offices in London, Beijing, Ho Chi Minh City, and Jakarta. Fairfield’s primary business has been the licensing of 3-D, non-exclusive seismic data from its database of more than 48,000 square kilometers 3D seismic from the Gulf of Mexico. The company is a partner of Fairfield-Maxwell Services, Ltd.[2]


Fairfield specializes in seismic acquisition and processing, including:

  • Design and manufacture of seismic acquisition systems
  • Operating exploration crews
  • Seismic data processing


Fairfield began its first 2D transition zone program in Louisiana in 1976 after its incorporation. They introduced their first, non-exclusive 3D survey in 1989, and licenses for this data and subsequent Gulf of Mexico 3D surveys have been granted to more than 125 exploration and production companies operating across the Gulf of Mexico.

In April 2005 Fairfield acquired RFTrax as a wholly owned subsidiary.[3]


  • 2006 Global Helios Partnership Award[4]

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