Fairhope, Pennsylvania

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Fairhope is an unincorporated community in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, United States.


Fairhope is a small railroad community located along the historic B&O Railroad. It was platted in 1891.[1]

In 1881, Pittsburgh entrepreneurs established the North Savage Firebrick Works of Welsh, Palmer & Maxwell just outside Fairhope. The company specializes in the manufacture of superior quality of red brick.[1]

The B&O railroad line through Fairhope continues to operate; however, it has been absorbed in the CSX Transportation.


Fairhope was used as the village on the TV series "The X-Files". The episode is called Scary Monsters[2] and is the 14th episode of the 9th season. The program was not actually filmed on location.


Fairhope is located at 39°53′41.28″N 78°49′49.44″W / 39.8948000°N 78.8304000°W / 39.8948000; -78.8304000 (39.8948, -78.8304).


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