Fairmont Railway Motors

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Fairmont Railway Motors
Industry rail transport
Successor Harsco Track Technologies
Founded 1909 (1909) in Fairmont, Minnesota, United States
Founder Frank E. Wade
Defunct 1979 (1979)
Products railway speeders
Fairmont MT-14 speeder in February 2004

In 1909 Frank E. Wade founded Fairmont Railway Motors of Fairmont, Minnesota (Fairmont Gas Engine and Railway Motor Car Company in 1915), was a manufacturer of rail vehicles formed from the Fairmont Machine Company.[1] In 1928 the company acquired Mudge and Company[1] and in 1955, the railcar interests of the Fairbanks-Morse company (which had purchased the Sheffield company in the 1920s).[2] Fairmont merged with Harsco Corporation in 1979 to become part of Harsco Track Technologies (Harsco Rail in 2009).[1] Fairmont products included:

  • internal combustion engines such as the PHB and QB[3] models
  • maintenance of way vehicles such as speeders, small derrick cars,
  • small shipping vehicles such as combination platform cars, etc.
External media
S-2 speeder in Texas
platform car at the Denver Federal Center museum
image of plant buildings
Wooden motorcar with 2-stroke engine


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