Fairview Mountain (Alberta)

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Fairview Mountain
Banff Canada " Lake Louise " (8168775570).jpg
Fairview Mountain from the shoreline of Lake Louise
Highest point
Elevation2,744 m (9,003 ft) [1]
Prominence275 m (902 ft) [2]
Coordinates51°24′00″N 116°13′30″W / 51.40000°N 116.22500°W / 51.40000; -116.22500Coordinates: 51°24′00″N 116°13′30″W / 51.40000°N 116.22500°W / 51.40000; -116.22500[1]
Fairview Mountain is located in Alberta
Fairview Mountain
Fairview Mountain
Location in Alberta
LocationAlberta, Canada
Parent rangeBow Range (Canadian Rockies)
Topo mapNTS 82N/08
First ascent1893 by Walter Wilcox and Samuel Allen (first recorded)[1]
Easiest routeEasy scramble

Fairview Mountain (sometimes called Mount Fairview) is a mountain in Banff National Park near Lake Louise, Alberta. The mountain was named in 1894 by Walter Wilcox, which reflects the view from the top. An alternate name for the peak is Goat Mountain although it is rarely referred to as such.[1]

Fairview Mountain is a popular easy scramble in the Lake Louise area and can be combined with nearby Saddle Pass/Peak trail. For the modest effort expended it offers some of the best views of the area. While the mountain shows formidable cliff bands from the lake, a hiking trail ascends to a saddle where a footpath leads experienced hikers to the top. A plaque is embedded near the rock bands above the lake warning not to attempt a descent on this side — while the way is initially easy, rock bands quickly change it to a technical descent. Numerous rescues have been made to retrieve stranded hikers who disregarded the warning.

While the first recorded ascent took place in 1893, it is probable that the mountain was ascended earlier than that by an aboriginal explorer.

Lake Louise from Fairview Mtn
View from Fairview's summit

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