Fairview Pointe-Claire

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Fairview Pointe-Claire
Fairview Pointe-Claire 05a.jpg
Location 6801 Route Transcanadienne,
Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada
H9R 5J2
Opening date August 12th, 1965
Developer Fairview Corporation
Management Cadillac Fairview
Owner Cadillac Fairview & Ivanhoe Cambridge
Website https://www.cfshops.com/fairview-pointe-claire.html

Fairview Pointe-Claire (corporately styled as "CF Fairview Pointe-Claire"), also known as Fairview Centre (or Centre Fairview in French), or Fairview, is one of the biggest super regional shopping malls on the island of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It has about 1,000,000 square feet (92,900 m2) spread on two levels of shopping space. It is located in the city of Pointe-Claire at the intersection of Trans-Canada Highway and Saint-Jean Boulevard. Fairview Pointe-Claire is jointly owned at 50% by Cadillac Fairview and 50% by Ivanhoe Cambridge; the former is also the manager of the mall. Fairview Pointe-Claire is the oldest of Cadillac Fairview's self-branded "four Fashion centres" that also include the Carrefour Laval, Les Promenades Saint-Bruno and Les Galeries d'Anjou. The major tenants are Hudson's Bay, Sears, Pharmaprix, Home Outfitters, Winners, HomeSense, Sports Experts/Atmosphere and Best Buy.


More than 200 stores are in the mall.[1]


  • 1965: Fairview Corporation inaugurates the mall with Simpson's, Steinberg's, Eaton's, Pascal's, and some 70 other stores. Notable tenants include Ogilvy's and Woolworth's. Fairview Pointe-Claire is a single level mall; only anchors Simpson's, Eaton's and Pascal's have two floors. Sam Steinberg's Ivanhoe Corporation is a shareholder of the mall. Simpson's purchases a replica of Michelangelo's Statue of David and installs it in the mall's hallway.[2]
  • 1984: Fairview Pointe-Claire is extensively renovated as a two-level shopping mall modelled after sister mall Les Promenades Saint-Bruno. Simpson and Eaton's each add a third floor to their store; the adding of an extra floor does not necessitate any change to the outdoor architectures of Simpson and Eaton's because both stores were designed in 1965 to house three floors. A food court is added. A new the Bay store is supposed to open in the mall but the project is cancelled.
  • 1989: Simpsons becomes the Bay.
  • 1991: Pascal closes.
  • 1992: Steinberg is renamed as Metro. A new Sears is built near CIBC's former space. Adventure Electronics occupies the old Pascal space, but only its first floor. The former indoor entrance for Pascal, located exclusively on the first floor (in the Eaton's mall wing), was not reserved for Adventure Electronics and was instead diluted into boutiques space.
  • 1996: Metro rebrands as Super C
  • 1998: Adventure Electronics closes.
  • 1999: Eaton closes in late August after a closing sale.
  • 2000: Sears moves to Eaton's former space while Super C closes down.
  • 2001: Winners, HomeSense, Renaud-Bray, Old Navy, and Sports Experts/Atmosphere, and Starbucks Coffee open up into Sears' original location.
  • 2002: Home Outfitters opens in Super C's former space.
  • 2004: Former Pascal/Adventure building is demolished after years of being occupied by short-lived factory outlets since Adventure Electronics' closing in 1998.
  • 2005: a new Best Buy takes place of the former Pascal/Adventure building. Like Adventure Electronics, Best Buy can only be accessed from outdoors.

Terminus Fairview[edit]

The north parking lot of Fairview Pointe-Claire is home to a bus terminal of the Société de transport de Montréal.

Société de transport de Montréal
Route Service Times Map Schedule
Autobusmontréal.svg 72 Alfred Nobel All-day Weekdays before 8:00 pm Map Schedule
Autobusmontréal.svg 200 Sainte-Anne de Bellevue All-day before 8:00 pm Map Schedule
Autobusmontréal.svg 201 Saint-Charles/Saint-Jean All-day, Stops on Brunswick and Auto Plaza; Enters Terminus after 7:00 pm Map Schedule
Autobusmontréal.svg 202 Dawson All-day Map Schedule
Autobusmontréal.svg 203 Carson All-Day Map Schedule
Autobusmontréal.svg 204 Cardinal All-day Map Schedule
Autobusmontréal.svg 205 Gouin All-day Map Schedule
Autobusmontréal.svg 206 Roger-Pilon All-day Map Schedule
Autobusmontréal.svg 207 Jacques-Bizard All-day Map Schedule
Autobusmontréal.svg 208 Brunswick All-day Map Schedule
Autobusmontréal.svg 215 Henri-Bourassa All-day Map Schedule
Autobusmontréal.svg 216 Transcanadienne Rush Hour Map Schedule
Autobusmontréal.svg 217 Anse A L'Orme All Day, Stops on Brunswick Map Schedule
Autobusmontréal.svg 218 Antoine-Faucon Rush Hour, Stops on Brunswick Map Schedule
Autobusmontréal.svg 219 Chemin Sainte-Marie Rush Hour, Stops on Brunswick Map Schedule
Autobusmontréal.svg 225 Hymus Rush Hour Map Schedule
STM Metrobus Express.svg 419 Express John Abbott All Day Weekdays before 7:00pm, Stops on Brunswick Map Schedule
STM Metrobus Express.svg 470 Express Pierrefonds All-day Map Schedule
STM Metrobus Express.svg 485 Express Antoine Faucon All-day Weekdays before 8:00pm, Stops on Brunswick Map Schedule
Terminus Fairview

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