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Fairy Realm is a series of ten children's fantasy novels by Australian author Jennifer Rowe, writing under the pseudonyms Mary-Anne Dickinson, and Emily Rodda. Rowe is also the author of bestselling books of Deltora Quest and Rowan of Rin series. In the U.K. the series is published as Fairy Charm.


The series follows the adventures of Jessie, an unsuspecting girl, whose grandmother happens to be a fairy queen who ran away to the human world with her human husband, Robert Belairs. The series chronicles Jessie's travels to the magical world of the Fairy Realm. With each story, she obtains a new charm for her bracelet. Jessie also travels to defeat Valda, her grandmother's evil cousin.

Publishing details[edit]

The first six books were published between 1994 and 1996 by Bantam Books, Sydney, under the collective title of the Storytelling Charms Series, written by Mary-Anne Dickinson and illustrated by Veronica Oborn.[1] The first book came with the bracelet of the title, and the five subsequent books came with the charm received by Jessie in the story. The first six books were later re-released under the author's second pen name, Emily Rodda.

All of the covers for the books were illustrated by Raoul Vitale.


  1. The Charm Bracelet (1994). Jessie visits her grandmother, who seems more forgetful than usual, and the charm bracelet her grandmother always wears is gone. Jessie discovers a realm of magic where her grandmother is the rightful queen. So begins the adventure to save the realm from its enemies, the Outlanders.
  2. The Flower Fairies (1994)
  3. The Third Wish (1995)
  4. The Last Fairy-Apple Tree (1995)
  5. The Magic Key (1995)
  6. The Unicorn (1996)
  7. The Star Cloak (2005)
  8. The Water Sprites (2005)
  9. The Peskie Spell (2006)
  10. The Rainbow Wand (2006)

Various compendiums have also been published in Australia and the U.K.